Tuesday Beavers Welcome Pack

Welcome to the family of Scouting and Tuesday Beaver Colony. I hope you will find the following useful.

Colony Meetings

We meet Tuesday evenings, usually in the scout hall. If there is a change of venue then plenty of warning will be sent out, normally by letter.

We operate with a parent’s rota and I will therefore be asking you to fill in a CRB form.


Once your child has decided they would like to stay, they will need a Beaver sweatshirt. These are available from the District shop in HQ, Brooklyn Road, St Marks (next door to St Marks Community Centre) 6.30-8pm. You can buy the neckerchief from me for £3.50. They will receive badges and a woggles when they are invested.


This usually takes place 4-6 weeks after they start. They do not have to know the promise off by heart, but a good idea is needed and it is below for you to help them.


I promise to do my best,
To be kind and helpful,
And to love God


Be Prepared

Membership fees

These are due three times a year, January, Easter and September, at the moment they are £30.00. Cash or cheque is acceptable. If by cheque please make it payable to 1st Hatherley Tuesday Beavers with your child's name on the back.


Please note photos are taken by me and the press regularly. Please let me know if you DO NOT want your child's photo taken.

Medical Conditions

Please let me know of any medical/allergies your child may have as this could affect something I’m asking them to do. I also presume plasters are fine, unless you let me know.


Unfortunately these days, behaviour is not always what it should be, so I operate a football card system. Two yellow cards make a red, so there will be NO Beavers for two weeks.